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Also from an energy conservation standpoint can anyone comment on variable speed pumps?

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As I just posted in another thread, I wired a dimmer switch onto my oversized pump and it works well. It's nice to be able to crank it up if I need to move a lot of water for some reason, it's great for adjusting the flow when trying to get a siphon to work.

I was wondering if people were using them for reduced cost in electricity. Large diameter tubing pushes more water and variable speeds at different times of the day greatly reduces power consumption.  I am one of those energy geeks who invented a bunch of energy saving products.

Ya, there's some energy savings I'm sure, but it's a 45 watt pump, so at full blast it's costing 10 cents a day to run so I'm not too concerned. I'm much more interested in ways to get my water temp up with less energy.

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