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UV Sterilizers in Aquaponics for balancing Redox?!?

I was doing some research on water chemistry in aquarium settings to better understand what's going on in my AP system and read this article: which mentions UV sterilizers and their importance in maintaining Redox balance in aquariums and ponds. I subsequently read this article: which went into more detail.

Has anyone had any experience with this? "Supposedly" using a UV sterilizer would help maintain Redox balance and aid in parasite and disease control and immune function all while leaving the beneficial biofilter unaffected. I am a little skeptical.....I guess it would depend on where the biofilter lives in an AP system. Is it all in the growbeds attached to the media (in which case UV sterilization might work as advertised) or is it free floating (in which case UV sterilization definitely would not)?

Just curious! The concept took me by surprise and made me wonder if it had any application in AP or if it's just fluff.

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Good Post Casey!!!

I have not found any new information regarding UV use in Aquaponics.  Most of my research was based around Aquaculture and Aquaculture with some plants in the water.   The information out there about aquaponics and UV is slim to none.  I reached the end of the internet on this subject, and will research it again in a few years.  There are very few studies in this aria.  That being said....

More research must be done in this aria.  If you do put a UV in your system their is likely going to be benefits and some possible detriments to the system.  The Benefits are substantial and detriments are very minimal.

Many People agree that UVs seem to only add benefits to Aquaculture systems.  

Many People agree that UVs help keep a sterile environment reducing many types of disease transfer.

A relatively small number of people have claimed that UVs damaged their AP systems.  

Everyone Agrees that UVs make water more clear.


Once my system is established and i understand exactly how my system is running i will most likely add a UV to the system.  This is possibly about 1-4 years away for me.  Once i get to that point i will see if my system performs better or worse with the addition of the UV.  For now my system seems to be doing fine without a UV

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