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At one point I was  using my pump to stir up solids in the bottom of my tank.


Tonight, I thought I would look around and see if there was a venturi  that would work with the pump to add more air.


I stumbled on this video.    The pump is way to much power for what I  need, but, I am thinking it would cost me nothing to run an air  line down next to my pump input and see if I get any results.


This guy is putting some massive amounts of air in.



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Thanks Bob / TCLynx.    That is SOOOO much more oxygen getting in for very little extra cost love it.

That one with the Cheap T "venturi" is really just adding the bubble's without the "splashing" of letting the water drop into the tank from above.  If you want to suck air down very far under water, you have to either pump the air down there or use a venturi that uses enough pressure/restricts the pump flow enough to actually suck the air down below the water's surface.  As the depth increases the more pressure required to get the air.

Yamitsu AirStorm Venturi

This one is in the UK  looks impressive.




I guess what is needed is a test to see how long it takes to fill a 5 gallon bucked with venturi verses without to see how much effect the flow is being restricted.

FYI, the amount of restriction or flow loss will probably not be a constant, it will probably vary by pressure.  So while X pump might experience a loss of L1.  Y pump that is stronger might have a loss of L2.  I don't know what that might come up like but I'm pretty sure it will be a curve rather than a constant.

oh and the "cheap T venturi" might perhaps be more accurately called an eductor instead.

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