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Hey everyone, should I be using ro water in my aqua system? In Florida we have very hard water with lots of silt. I have been fighting a constantly lower ph level and have trouble buffering as we remove 5 gallons a week from swirl filter solids, and add 5-10 gallons a week(from tap,with clorimine removed)) due to evaporation and transpiration. Should I just start replacing added water with ro? Any thought are appreciated.

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I'm using water from my cistern and it works great. HOWEVER, originally it tested high in zinc and many fish died. I bought a metal filter from Pentair and SO FAR no dead fish. So it's not RO water but rain water, which is better. Sometimes when we get rain storms out of the north the water is acidic (acid rain) so I have to add lime to the system. Yeah, our water has a pH over 9!!! 

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