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  Hi all,

   Hope this was the right way to pose this question...On a forum discussion...

I am thinking through a new way to increase my fish tank area inexpensively....IBC's are not plentiful or cheap here...but I am close to orchard country.  So I was wondering for any of you knew if using those wooden orchard crates would work for fish tanks?  Of course I would line them with a pond liner.   Most of the orchard crates around here are about 3' tall, and 4'X4'.  They are usually made of plywood.  I think I would need to re-enforce the corners for strength and maybe some more along the top...But not being an engineer, I do not know if they would be strong enough to hold the water volume...Anyone know? Any pointers?


- Converse

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I don't think it will hold close to 3 thousand lbs of water without any reinforcement.How thick is the plywood? Might be a good idea to post a pic ,so we can get a better idea on how they are constructed. You can start by constructing a frame for it to sit in.Take a look at .Hope this helps

And if you are in termite territory, beware of using lumber against liner.  There will be condensation between the lumber and the liner and this makes a very inviting space for pests.

Only one way to truly find out :D

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