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upper temperature limits for trout in a high O2 saturation environment

I am attempting to start an aquaponics system with trout. I was reading about water with too much O2 from intensive vegitation causing the air bladder to distend causing the fish to float sideways. 

I am in a Southern California desert. Another related concern is that trout don't do well in warmer waters. Surely there is an upper limit, but it must also be dependent on O2 saturation. So is there any table somewhere to reference these limits? 

In essence, if I am able to get high O2 saturation, what combination with warmer than optimal water can the trout remain healthy?

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Hi Lisa. There is a "Trout Growers" group that could help you. The other thing you can do is on the upper right of the home page is a place where it says "search aquaponic gardening" where you can type in some buzz words and info will come up. I hope this helps...

Thanks Jack.

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