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I was taking the pepper plants out of my raft system and putting them into half drums. Where the other peppers are. And I've planted some papayas into the system so they can grow fast. And when they are big enough, I will transplant them into soil. The papayas are for my worms. 

Well, when I was digging holes in the half drums, I came across a worm that I haven't seen before. It is still alive and I've put it back into the drum after taking pictures of it. I know that it cannot be a butterfly because they don't live in soil. Or do some of them? 

I put it back because I didn't know if it was helpful in my garden or not. The peppers that were growing in there are doing wonderful and haven't had any diseases. I thought that maybe that worm helped with that. I don't know. 

Here are some pictures. Please let me know if you know something about this animal 

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That looks to me like an isopod. Also known in the U.S. as a "rolly polly bug". It's harmless.

Thanks for your help

Post Script: if you find one touch it, it should (could) roll up into a ball. 

Hydroponics Curacao said:

Thanks for your help

It's not a rolly polly bug

Must be a different type of isopod. I wasn't thinking  it would be; after all you don't live on the North American Mainland.

Hydroponics Curacao said:

It's not a rolly polly bug


that is what turns into a june bug! they are DESTUCTIVE to roots they can take out entire fields of yuca, potatoes, yams or sweet potatoes and corn roots. however how much damage they can do to you depends on what you have planted. somthing with lots of thin roots might be ok. dont up root your entire garden hunting them you will do more damage that way. they will leave when they change into bugs. bug light to keep them away from garden next season? feed any you see to the fish now. payback is sweet!

My chickens love those grubs. 

I've put it back into another bin. I've planted peppers in there. But I will take it out tomorrow. 

I grow guppies. They don't even eat the Esenia Foetida worms. So I don't think they will eat that bug. 

Where I live, it is not allowed to have chickens or goats or other animals like that. So I will just kill that bug.

I don't think I'm allowed to have chickens either, not letting it stop me though.

I would have done that. But the sound of chickens, will disturb the others. But I can have chickens at my aunt's house

Looks like a grub to me. Here in Florida they get underneath the lawns and start eating the roots. If they go undetected, you'll end up with a brown peel-away lawn. 

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