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Anybody ever have their system pictures used on someone elses website without your knowledge or consent?

I recently came across a business selling greenhouses that had a picture of my system on their page.Now granted they weren't saying they built it, but the caption below it said "if you like this system check this out".

I'm not the most internet savy person on the web, and am wondering is this because of my rss feeds or embedding code setup on youtube that allows this or makes this possible?

I don't have a problem with people showing systems or should I say theirsystem to other interested party or people, but to me this just feels so wrong.

The place I saw it was at www.greenhousedesign.

Is this wrong illegal or unethical?


the mad german

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If any of you are worried about piracy check into putting digital watermarks into your videos and pictures. It's relatively simple to do. Just Google up digital watermarks.

I'll definately have to try that. I don't mind sharing any information  with people on here or people that subscribe to my  youtube channel. I mean I did post it on a public website, but I think its unethical for someone just to use it for their own self promotion.

I mean its not like its a new invention, concept or idea, its just the principal to me that I posted something I built and am proud of and someone else is trying to make money off of it. Let alone from what I gather about these guys and the comments I have read, this seems to be their norm.

TC has been assisting the local internet idiot (that would be me) and giving me advice likewise.


I appreciate all the help from everyone.

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