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I am in Nashville, Tennessee and am having a lot of difficulty finding out how to acquire fish fingerlings. I have a small system right now (50 gallon fish tank), so it seems like blue gill might be my best bet. Any advice on how to get the fish?


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Jessie: I'm just north of you and there is a fish farm in Bowling Green, Ky. called Whiskers Fish Farm.   He has koi and catfish fingerlings.   I too am raising catfish - but in a 300 gallon tank constantly recycled with spring water.   Fish are on a diet of worms (vermiculture in the cellar) and mealworms.    Email me directly at if you like.  Sandra Placco

Good news,  I found out these folks will have a truck in my area next Friday with plenty of extras, including the blue gill I'm leaning toward (no advance order or minimum).

Cool - problem solved.  sjp

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