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Manfred has suggested we have another tour in the cooler elevation of the Verde Valley on the 4th of July! 

A quick search shows there are several AP systems in his general vicinity we could tour if they are willing.  Manfred has suggested we use his site as a home base as there is plenty of room for camping at his house if anyone is interested in spending the night.

So if YOU are interested in showing your system or attending please let me know, if we have enough interest we'll do it!  This should be fun.  It's another way to celebrate our independence.



BTW: if you haven't listed your system on the MEMBER MAP please do, thanks...

We might be neighbors!

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Thats perfect, the next weekend I am going to go camping in Williams, great timing!

sounds interesting, lets get some more details so I can make a decision 

I would be interested but need details also.

Well, there are no real details or plans at this time.

I am hoping for a better response so we can move forward on this tour which was suggested by Manfred from Cornville during the BBQ at David's during the last tour.

I am hoping more system operators for the Verde Valley, Prescott and Sedona areas will step forward and offer to show their systems.  If you know anyone in those areas, drop them a line.



Hi there, this is Manfred and I will use this post to encourage anybody to take a break from the heat. The climate control in the green house works great. A big industrial fan on one end and a 5 X 6 foot water curtain on the other end keeps the place cool.

I would like to use the meeting to talk about deficiencies on plants and also pests, issues I dealt with a lot lately. Also some design flows I made earlier taking me a long time to understand and correct.

For the fun part we would open our house and patio for a July 4th party and there is also enough parking space for campers or if somebody likes to pitch a tent under a tree this would work as well.

I am curious have many patriotic "aquaholics" might make it up here.


Manfred and Mary

Cornville AZ

LOL, and now I'm thinking I should have named my new group something other than Automating Aquaponics - those are terrible initials....

I won't be able to join in on this (in my best French accent) "Tour de Aquaponique" as I will be working on several system cut-overs. I added myself to the Member Map and found a few people nearby. I'll probably reach out to them to see if they would be interested, let alone even consider showing me their system.


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