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Ok so I'm very new and just in the small scale experiment stages.  I have a 30 gallon fish tank pumping from under the gravel to a 10 gallon basin with expanded clay and siphoning back down into the tank.  Things seem to be growing very well! I had one plant start to yellow a little bit and I think that is related to how much water it was getting so I just raised it up a little bit to allow more oxygen to the roots.

My question is.. I'm looking at buying a house very soon, I live out on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.  I want to put together a greenhouse'd aquaponic set up that I can grow food as close to year round as I can.  I plan on having Blue Gill to eat, also on the farm will be chickens and goats.

Any help you all can provide on idea's for heating during the colder months, how big to make things for a 4 person family, solar panels for the pump and heating(how many? brand? cost? is it worth it?), what kind of green house(self built, purchase? kits?) how large should the tank be for the fish, do I need to add anything to the water for nutrients?

Basically I've read a lot, watched a lot and have started down the rabbit hole, but i'm looking for advice on how to bring it all together, how to combine the idea's I've heard of and various scales and bring it back down to what I need/want.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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These are very broad questions and could take someone the better part of a year to teach you all you need to know. Do some more research, read posts from others to learn and then ask specific questions here and you will get answers.

Best of luck

Thank you for your help! What i'm looking for is broad based places to look.  Help focusing my research for forums, discussions, and materials that apply to what i'm looking for.  I hope I didn't come off as wanting to be spoon fed answers I more wish for some help narrowing down the mass of information out there.  Thank you again!

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