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I pulled out 14 year old ivy last month and, as one might imagine, there were many woody parts to it. (also a, small, tree I was told to cut) I thought I could put it in a wood-chipper and use it as mulch, or compost it, somehow, or put it in the yardwaste bin. Well the ivy was too much to put it in the yardwaste bin at one time, (I'm lazy) and I don't know how to compost it correctly, and I don't know where to get a wood-chipper, I did nothing with it. Since it's been sitting there, for a month, I decided to ask the knowledgeable gardeners who might have experience with soil gardening. Anyways I'll probably get rid of it somehow, but it may be valuable and I don't want to pay for expensive mulch.

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is it good and dead? If it is dead to the point that it won't grow back when you try to compost or bury it, then I would say dig a trench and cover it over and it will compost on it's own in the dirt. However, Ivy is one of those things that I think is good at coming back to life and taking over so I don't know if this is a good idea.

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