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So I bought the small cycling kit for my first aquaponics setup.  It's a small system - 10 gallon tank.  The instructions said that I could plant my plants at any point during the cycle so I bought some herbs and leafy greens and transferred them into my system.  Problem is, the instructions just said to 'add the contents of the seaweed bag'.  Not really thinking about the fact that the small cycling kit was for up to 100 gallons I didn't realize that this might be too much seaweed so I have a few questions:

  1. The instructions say that the darkness will clear after a week (it's been 3 days) - will it take much longer since my system is so small?  
  2. Any recommendations for getting accurate water test readings with the seaweed in there?  the color is distorted so it's hard to tell my readings.  Best I can tell is leaving the tubes out until the next day when some of the seaweed settles out.
  3. Will too much seaweed hurt my plants and/or the cycling process?

I'm hoping I don't have to replace my water and start over.

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Hi Alex - just clarify - is it Seaweed extract or Seaweed?

It's whatever comes with this kit:

"Powdered, soluble seaweed (same as Maxicrop or Seasol)"

Sounds like it's not extract.

Hey Alex, just remove and replace half of your water now. Do it again tomorrow and let the system cycle for a week or so. Again, essentially replace your water leaving some nutes in there, just dilute them a bit. We cycled our first system with Maxicrop but not 10x the norm. It will all be ok. Do full water testing before adding fish...hope this helps buddy! Oh, a good digital meter is best for testing 'colorful' water, PH, TDS, EC, PPMs etc.

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