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I work on the campus of Purdue University today and was allowed to take away approximately 35 Tiliapia out of a patch of at least 100 left over from a research project and slated for termination.  They are all under 1 quater pound, and most are much smaller.  I took these extra hoping some aquapons in the region could get them.  They need to be removed soon, as my system is designed for about 1/3 this number of 1 lb mature fish.  Please send me message if you can come and take some fish off my hand. Thanks


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I should add that I am in Lafayette, Indiana. Fish are for pick up only.


Really, I took more fish than my system could handle to prevent an en masse death of all the fish...No one wants some tilapia?


Unfortunately the distance away is just too much for us, unfortunately.  I'd love to be able to help you out, since we are looking for some fish around that size.

Hey Ian, I sent a fried reguest. Do you still have some tilapia? Im in Crawfordsville, IN. Thanks, Mike

Hey Mike, Yeah.  I have about 10 that I need to get rid of...

If you want just send me your # and I will call you to get directionsand set up a time. I live between Lebanon and Crawfordsville out in the boonies. Do you fish or just raise fish?

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