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Anyone have an issue getting tomatoes pollinated in green house?  I guess the right type of pollinating insects don't like to fly into my greenhouse. I keep the window and door open but many yellow flowers on the tomatoe plant are shriveling and dieing without tomatoes showing up at the nodes.  Any recommendations?

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 I too use an oscillating fan and shake the heck outof them!

Some people take an electric toothbrush or something else that will vibrate the stems of the plants to help get the motion for pollination.  If you have all the tomatoes trellised to the same structure, give that several good whacks with a stick per day to shake everything perhaps?

Tomatoes and other nightshades (peppers, eggplants, etc) just require some agitation to pollinate. If you make a point of giving your tomato plants a gentle shake every time you go by them your pollination problem will probably go away.

thanks for the tips, have a fan blowing across the room now.  Maybe this is why i'm seeing some of the later buds go to fruit. I will jostle the plant next time i'm down there.

I know some large indoors tomato farms use bumble bees due to small colony size and being less aggressive.

Several of the big Greenhouse distributors sell honey bee and bumblebee colonies.  I think Cropking is one of them.

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