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We have an IBC tank with (2)beds on top.  These both hold tomatoe plants (4)in one and (5)in the other.  Our Hybrid fish have started dying.  They were doing fine until....the plants got huge and tons of tomatoes on each plant.  Our water is all testing normal, it the acid? in the roots of the plants killing our fish or?  Anyone else having problems with tomatoes and what did you do to fix the problem, short of pulling all the tomatoe plants out of the beds and starting again with another type of plant.  HELP! 

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How long has your system been up and running??? I can’t see the plants causing the deaths of your fish, unless your oxygen levels are bad??? What are the water parameters, you said they measured well but what are your numbers? Are you still getting a good water flow?? I know tomatoes put out allot of roots. Does your water smell off? Are any of the tomato plants leafs getting into your fish tank; the plant does have some chemicals in it that are not good for fish or pets.


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