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Sheesh, honeymoon phase ending.  Tomato plant in auto-siphon bed, was doing great, but today I noticed some black spots and dying branches.  Took some photos.  First is of total plant, rest are of damaged branches/leaves.  If you have suggestions for treatments that won't kill my fish, I appreciate it!  I should add "simple" suggestions as I'm a newbie  :)  Thanks!

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I am having a similar problem with my lettuce and leafy greens. It is most likely a bacterial infection. Question: Did you get any plants from a nursery and put them in your system? I narrowed my issue down to a basil plant that was in soil that I put into my grow bed.

My only option now is to sterilize my whole system because I can't grow leafy greens. A major blow and hard lesson in Bio-Security.

Yeah.  Everything in the grow bed is from seed EXCEPT for this tomato plant.  From Home Depot.

I think these mega nursery operations are likely ripe with diseases as any monoculture crop would be. I hope for your sake it is just that plant that is infected, I would remove it, put it in soil and hope for the best.

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