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Newbie question for growing tomato:

I would like to plant them one each per pot, then just continuous flow. Questions:

1. Is continuous flow idea for growing tomatoes?
2. How big pot? would 5gal pot be enough? or 15gal pot be more suitable? Would depth be an issue?
3. Media? what type.
4. Drain at the bottom or brain say 1-2" from the bottom thus a small reservoir?
5. Would like a beef cake plus a cherry tomato.
6. Water from a goldfish pond.

Thanks for helping.

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I would say just use a 5 gallon bucket with some drainage holes and some good garden soil and water them with the pond water. Best of both worlds. Only a mature AP system has enough mineralization going on to satisfy a good crop of tomatoes. Your pond water will have nitrates in it that should make the vegetation grow well.

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