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Solar powered fish farm Arcadia Florida  The business plan to take a fish farm off the grid by creating solar powered fish tanks was illegallly prevented by DeSoto County Florida.  The actions of DeSoto County violated Florida Right to Farm Act and Florida Aquaculture policy act both enforced by the Florida Dept of Agriculture. 

DeSoto County within 2 months of DRD Enterprises Inc of Davie purchasing a fish farm in Arcadia Florida issued a cease work order on the construction of solar power plants declaring DRD Enterprises was mfg for resale before any units were completed or sold NO EVIDENCE!

Florida Dept of AG failed to enforce the laws of Florida and furthermore failed to assign an Ombudsman to review the actions suffered by DRD Enterprises as required under the Florida Aquaculture Policy Act.

Now my attorney says that I need to create a loss statement, difficult since the business plan never got fully developed.  My hope is that by the number of responses from Aquaculture business owners will justify my belief that once I had my transportable solar powered fish tanks working other farms would order units, units constructed at a mfg site.

If you feel that a transportable 8 ton building housing a minimum 400 gallon fish tank aerators and all sytems to raise fish in a control environment PLEASE send a comment so I can collect a total

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