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Good Morning topekapc,

I've been mining knowledge and technique from various posts and threads to come up with an aquaponics  setup.   I'm pretty much there except for fish.    I saw your post from May-ish offering blue and red tilapia.   I don't know the logistics of shipping fish as I am totally new to aquaponics, could you let me know the basic cost of your fish and what shipping looks like (if it can be done at all).

Thank you kindly,

Rob Little

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I recommend Especially if you want high quality with both male and female for breeding. A mixed shipment is about $.75 per fish, I think and shipping (overnight air) is about $75. I just received an order of 50 mixed fish for a total of $114. They sent extra fish to account for losses, and so far I have a 95% survival rate after a week. They are about 1" long and very hearty.

Another source if you want all male fish is Lakeway Tilapia, but I have not ordered here.

Thank you so much!*

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