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Sunday, I added 10 tilapia to a 240 gallon IBC tank.  Their size ranges from 7 to 10 inches.  I held off feeding till Tuesday and gave them 5 leaves of Romaine to start which they ate pretty quick and later gave them some Omega One cichlid pellets.  They ate the first bunch of romaine early on Tuesday along with some pellets and ate some more of the pellets later that night.  They seem really timid and came up for the pellets really slowly.  I had to watch in the dark with a flashlight.  Otherwise, they wouldn't come near the  top of the water to eat.  The tank is covered all around the side and on the top.

Wednesday, they didn't seem to be much interested in the romaine and it's still there today on Thursday.  I attached the leave to a chopstick with a rubberband and hung it in the tank at the top.  They ate some and seem to be nibbling here and there.  They ate a few more pellets Wednesday night and only a very few tonight.

I'm just wondering if this is normal for new fish.  The tank water is heated and was about 70F this morning but went down to 65 today with the crappy weather.  The Water chemistry is fine... no ammonia, no nitrites, and PH looks like 7.2.

I put an extra water pump in the tank to act as a water filter and the water is crystal clear today... some algae on the inside tank bottom and walls but just a film.

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Good going Rachel, well trained fishies. 

To train my new fish, I use a bit of fish oil with garlic juice and water, emulsified and sprayed on what I want to train them to eat. I donno if this really helps but that's what I do.

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