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I build a small indoor system built off of Friendly Aquaponics Verticalis. I'll have to upload a photo later, but is a vertical pvc set up. It has a round four foot diameter, 1.5 ft deep fish tank at the bottom. The pump is in it and the water falls back down into the fish tank for aeration. I'm currently waiting on calibration solution for the D.O. Meter.

I filled the fish tank and pvc with tap water and let it run for several days. I then moved 4 fish from my outside tank into the inside tank. I have had 1 fish jump out to its death so had to  cover it. I have yet to see them eat, still see food floating and on the bottom from previous feedings.

The water temperature is 68 degrees which was the same as the outdoor system they were taken from. Outdoors is now down to 62 and they still actively eat.

I had one staying still with its mouth open.

I drained most of the system out and refilled it with water from the outdoor system because my indoor plants were turning translucent from lack of nutriends. The plants were only tiny lettuce seedlings.

Over the night the one fish died but the others are still alive. They still don't eat though and are still rather sluggish. Have to nearly touch them to make them move.

Just put a pvc pipe in there to see if that helps. I'm down to two fish in there, they stay side by side. Never did sex them.

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Not being cycled shouldn't stop the fish from eating after being moved, not for over a month.

I had put in some buckets from the established system at the get go. But no ammonia from fish for bacteria to feed on.

I have ammonia test, nitrate nitrite test, ph, and waiting for calibration solution to come in for DO meter

What calibration solution do you need for your DO meter?  Zero cal can be performed by unplugging the probe....

Yeah was getting zero cal. I've got the Milwaukee M600 unit I think it is. I tried doing 0 cal with out the end on the probe but it wouldn't get all the way down to 0 no matter how many times I turned the calibration screw. I'm hoping it's not busted :(

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