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We had a litter of babies 2 weeks ago. We were able to save 9.
We noticed that those are now about 5/8"-3/4" long. Is normal growth.?
Water temp is kept between 84-88F.
We lost most of them due to ammonia / Nitrite spike in the water. Watched videos and the few we watched only mentioned air stones. We added a filter and saved what we have.
We do have another brood on the way, day 8 will be Wednesday.

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You definately want to keep an empty tank that is being cycled as you go... about 60 days to fully cycle a tank ... you dont want to just throw fry into a newly setup tank. 84 is probably the max you want to keep fry at anywhere between 80-84 is perfect... and yes that is good as far as growth goes... I feed fry after the first 3 days algae wafers and they grow like weeds about an inch at day 30

thank you for the info

We have had our system going 2 years now and have had natural breeding we were lucky enough to witness hundreds of new fry being expelled and created a nursery using mesh fabric in a hanging pot. I released about 50 of them into the general population at about 2 inches they are thriving and we have noticed we have Talapia in our tank that range in size/age from 2 year old 14 inches to new 2 inches.

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