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ok so here is what I did in the last week before i noticed bad stuff happening.

and more then likely they all caused problems in some shape or form


all readings  api test kit read at 0 or the nice colors ph 7.6 high as its always been


4x4 grow bed, bell siphon, in grow camp greenhouse, raised above 2 27 gallon tubs joined. 1 has fish and 1 has pumps both have air stones. temp in tank 67F to 72F or around there recently.


1)i have been adding water from fish tank inside thinking the system could handle it... its the same systems water and biofilter gunk to help establish current AP setup...


2)i added red wigglers to the hydrotan and had no idea what they were raised on and maybe they put something bad into the system???? :C


3) bug breakout last week more like little tiny white flies and apphids so i let a ladybug bomb go off in the growcamp green house and then no more little buggies. but there are ladybugs in every other nook n cranny... maybe they did something


so what do ya guys think

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When you take your goldfish out of the water and look at them, do they look like they still have a thick white film on them?  It sounds like your fish are doing what mine are doing and I simply have an ibc tote setup with no additions (no worms, ladybugs, etc.)  I finally took them out and moved them to a cooler temperature and cut back on feeding (originally they were with my tilapia and since I feed my tilapia a lot, I felt like my goldfish might be eating too much.)  Anyway, they still look exactly  the same.  But when I take them out of the water and look at them closely they don't look like they have a white slime on them, they look normal but they look like a lighter, shiny color.  It's almost like their scales have just taken on a different color.  I've moved them for over 2 weeks in an isolated area and they aren't getting worse or better.  I really would like to know what's going on with them but I can't find anything online fitting this description.

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