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I purchased my first fingerlings in July. They were very small at about ½ inch apiece. After I did some testing and was sure everything was OK I went back and purchased some more fingerlings. This brought my total count of fish to fifty five. It was the first run on the new system. I am new to Aquaponics so I wanted to start slow and get the feel for it. About three weeks ago. I saw something streak across the sump at a high rate of speed. It was so small I could barely make it out. It had to be a dragon fly larva as the dragonflies are everywhere. I considered buying a minnow to make sure the sump is clear of bugs but the store was out of them. I never went back to get one.

I have been out checking the system everyday. I have not seen anything in the sump for weeks. Then today there they are! Three to four fish are swimming in the sump about half an inch long!

I just cannot believe it. My tilapias are only three months old. I can say without a doubt my system is working great if the fish are multiplying.

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