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Ref: 2013-06-13 The Nitrogen Underground - Discover July-August 2013 By Claire Panosian Dunavan

What caught my eye was the references to excess Nitrites & Nitrates.

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Robert, did you intend to insert a link?

I think he's referencing a Discover magazine article. I couldn't find a link to the one he's talking about though. And I don't get Discover magazine :/

George said:

Robert, did you intend to insert a link?

I don't have access to a digital file.  I found the article in the current discover mag. and felt it was worth while.

My apologies folks!

The article looks at Nitrates from a different perspective than Aquaponics and left me with a different sense of what is desirable in Nitrate concentration. The author also provides some good graphics. I'm not comfortable sending copies of recent works.

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