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Anybody who has talked with me or seen my posts knows I am converting my swimming pool to an aquaponics system. Right now, I have spent $800 and I am waiting for my plumbing  fittings order to come in before I buy the pipes I need. Then I will start filling the growbeds wtih media.

Until I get the rock or whatever media I settle on, I am thinking I will use a modified DWC/ flow and drain system. That way I can at least begin to grow a few crops. i have no way of knowing how many of the fat-head minnows I put in last month are still alive nor the few hundred small crawdads I added a few weeks ago to eat the algae.

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Another person converting a swimming pool. That is awesome. You should post some pics. I am curious. 

I plan on making my system out of a bunch of IBCs but have not decided if I will construct my growbeds out of IBCs too or if I should build them out of wood and pond liner. What did you use for growbeds?

I am working on building a greenhouse (PVC hoophouse) for my system and then I'll finally start constructing my system.

jason, I went with the IBC's since several people convinced me barrels would be a nightmare in both terms of plumbing maintenance and cost.

I'll post pics when I can, which means figuring out how to upload pics again.

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