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As far as Aquaponics goes, I have a question that's been plaguing me since I first learned of the whole "fish-plant" symbiosis. It's very silly, and I only dare ask it among you, my fellow AP neophytes.

My problem is this: even after reading Sylvia's book, scrolling through posts on fish sweaters, furnace heating, and the like, I STILL fail to understand heating in Aquaponics!

Let's say I want to raise cats (meow). Fine, I put about 20 in a 150 gallon IBC, knowledgable in what temps these whiskered bad-boys need to grow into strapping, one-pounder dinners someday (25-27 degrees C, or 77-82 degrees F). What I don't understand is how to create and contain that temperature in the tanks, consistently throughout the day/night.

There are a lot of discussions on here about different kinds of heating sources. While I love the sound of a wood furnace in a contained but ventilated area, it doesn't seem to me that this would be enough to heat the water to the necessary temperatures. To me it seems that the water itself needs a continual heat source. An ancillary such as a fish sweater seems wholly necessary. Even inevitable.

Can anyone weigh in here on how they keep their water warm enough for their fish to grow and be healthy?

Thank you all!

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It's a good thing I know what good friends you both are.  One might think you are from Transylvania.

Vlad Jovanovic said:

"Pics"...Haha...good one Linda...Getting Jon to take (and post) pics is like getting a vampire to eat garlic 

Pics, schmics.

My son is the picture taker, maybe I can have him help. Right now the GH is wall-to-wall hydroponic roses, so not much to see, unless you like roses...

I'll start a thread shortly, and then you will all be wishing I'd quit posting pics and yapping, eh?


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