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   While watching fish tv this past 3 months I have been moving the dominant males from my 100 gal acrylic tank to the 150 gal rubbermaid. Fish density got a little high in that tank so today I culled 10 lovely 1 pound+ males out of it. I placed them in a 3 gallon bucket with ice and water- The Big Chill-. I will process them later this eve.

  Since I have moved to NE. I have been fishing outdoors quite a bit and have added 2 bluegill, 2 channel cats, 2 bullhead cats and 1 Blue cat to the 100 gallon Fish TV. Also added 2 Bluegill to the 150 rubbermaid. My water temps have been in the mid 80s and everyone is looking good! The only struggle I have is keeping my pH above 6.2 .  I utilize Hydrated lime, KOH 6M, and MgSO4 alternately to keep it around 6.5-- 6.7 but it will not go higher.   API test is used along with TDS and pH meter.

  I am thinking about having a system in my high tunnel hoop house over the winter and that is why I am testing local fishies.  Definately moving the sytem outdoors for next spring summer though. Super envious of you folks in tropical climates!!  Boy I would love to grow a bannana or papaya AP style!!

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A couple pics of last nights harvest

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