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Hello everyone,

I have just started a 45 gallon system and am trying to use fish-less cycling. The system has been running for a few weeks now and my levels are all constant. I dont really know if I need to adjust something or if my system is just to a point where these are the levels it will produce.

Everyday I test ammonia and Nitrites, they test out to be roughly 1-2 ppm and 5+ ppm respectfully. I test the Nitrates every now and then and they are always at the same 20 ppm. I currently have no plants in the system and have a ph of 8.4 which I was to understand is fine for a new system to have and will naturally fall over time.

My concern is that the ammonia levels never change and are constantly too high for me to put fish in. If I just wait long enough will the system eventually burn through the ammonia or do I need to do something to the system? Also I doesn't seem like I have a very high amount of Nitrates which worries me that I won't be able to plant as many crops as I hoped, will that level go up as my system gets older?

Thank you for the help!

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