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Hi all I was just woundering what is a good Temp for a indoor AP system???  n if  it should be at 70 to 80 f hight? I had my room at 80 to 90,, with a fan to move the air around, n also have fresh air come in from time 2 time n  I let my room come down to 70 n then let it go back up,,, any views??

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Sounds perfect to me. 70-80 water temp or air temp? Either way sounds good.

depends on the type of plants and fish you want to grow.

So sorry room Temp is what I was looking for.. water temp is almost always at 72f to 74f,,,wich seems to be good for the plants n the goldfish I have for now,,,,Really looking forward to getting some trout,,but money is tight for now,,,n finding a good price for 50 to 75 trout would be nice,,,with delivery ,,,but had no reply back from any one,,,lol maybe cause its a small order ??? but still looking for trout,,

sorry I got off of the Discussion,,,lol

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