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i have a 200 gal ibc pea gravel grow bed (nothing growing in it yet)

water tested as

8/20 PH 8.2 Amm .5 nitrite .5 nitrate 5

8/21 PH 8.2 Amm.25 Nitrite .5 Nitrate 5

8/24 PH 8.2 Amm .25 Nitrite .25 Nitrate 5

8/28 PH 8.2 Amm .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0

9/1  PH 8.2 Amm .25 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0

i thought it had cycled put 8 2" talipia all was fine for a week then in 2 days water went green so green i cannot see the fish.   is this normal?

i put in some seeds last week and no growth as of now


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You are likely witnessing an explosion microscopic aquatic eukaryotic organisms known as algae. The green color is chlorophyll which the organisms use to turn light into energy. Eliminate the light that is hitting your water and you will eliminate the algae.


great this a outside grow/fish tank in AZ,  i will cover the fish tank to block as much light as i can

will the fish eat it?

Some fish do, but you are not likely raising filter feeders. Fresh water clams and mussels can clean green water.

The curse of the IBC strikes again!  unfortunately this will keep happening with the tote.. until you insulate, decorate, shade, etc... the IBC will continue to be a bummer.  and after all that, it will always look like, well... decorated industrial waste.       ..did i mention i really dont like IBCs for a food growing system?

as for trying to salvage your build..  you need to get rid of the pea gravel (keeps pH too high)

and add some fulvic/humic acid.. (not sure why it works so well, but fulvic seams to clear up alge in a few days)

remember..  algae is pH related.. keeping it bellow 7.5 should help.  ..but ! you will need to dump the pea gravel to ever get the pH to drop.

But I like the decorated industrial waste look.......

Naw, I believe you Rob. IBC probably aren't the best. I haven't run into any problems with mine because I'm indoors and running a low stocking density (solids build-up is another problem people have). Trouble will probably come later....Oh joy.

Green water and algae growing on the sides of the tank are ideal food for all ages of tilapia.  I prepare a grow up aquarium for a new batch of fry by leaving grow lights on 24 hours a day.  Tiny swimming eyeball size tilapia fry will clean a 20 gallon tank of all built up algae in a week.   My larger tilapia keep their tank clean too.   So, algae isn't a bad idea.  Just keep the water aerated and prevent a sudden die off of the algae that would foul the water.

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