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i am currently designing a larger sytem for use outside/partially covered in the uk using trout, we have loads of spare IBCs that i will be reusing for grow beds but would an IBC be large enough to house the trout? i have been told larger would be better with a flow in it. i can get a larger tank up to 2.5m2 i have room for for this but would rather recycle what we have spare than spend more money so was thinking multiple IBCs that i can link to beds and nft gulleys and then i can keep the stocking rotated as i need to for the plant requirements.


any thoughts?

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I noticed trout spook easily and are likely to injure themselves bumping into the sides of a square tank, so getting a round tank with a circular current would be better for them. 

thanks mate, ill look into that one

Within reason.. the tank size is immaterial... your stocking level will be determined by your level of available filtration and your feed rate...

As trout are a high oxygen demand fish species... the provision of oxygen will also be a determining factor...

Wondering if your having any luck with trout... Update?

Ian, I'm also very curious to hear what you've found. I'm in a very similar situation, myself. I've been having the same questions you had.

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