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Greetings Fish Poop Eaters :)


I am considering what type of cover to put on my outdoor fish tank.  It's a 300 Gallon Rubbermaid Stock tank, (I love it) but I want to protect my fish from Predators, keep my fish IN the tank (they jump like porpoises!) AND insulate from heat loss (I have hopes of switching to Tilapia Fingerlings when I know things are stabilized in my new system and move the Koi to a decorative pond).  My first thought was to cut a sheet of 1" Foam Board to float on top, but then I became concerned about blocking sunlight.  I have a strong airstone pumping air in the tank, and so not concerned about oxygen levels.  I know this would help with algae bloom too.


I guess I could create a cover from Polycarb sheets, but they seem so fragile and difficult to manipulate.  Any creative feedback on tank covers?



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Here is a link to an album to what I currently have over my 300 gallon stock tank fish tank (it's sunk in the ground)


Essentially I used some junk I had around to make vertical supports and I put a frame and roof over the fish tank and a black curtain on the south side to reduce light quite a bit (system initially cycled up with a more complete cover on the fish tank to avoid the pea soup algae phase and now that it's cycled up a bit of light getting in doesn't seem to be a problem.  I have plastic netting around the sides to allow bugs at the bug zapper but to bounce any jumpers back down into the tank and hopefully keep my ducks from getting in and swimming in the aquaponics if they escape their yard and duck system.


Most fish really only need enough light so they can tell night from day.  Of course some fish if you are going for coloration or breeding will need more light, but if you are just trying to grow out food, then that is probably not an issue.


Netting or fencing can make an adequate cover to keep fish from jumping out provided you can make the edge secure.  Such netting can then support a heavy duty shade cloth cover to help keep excess light out and still be breathable.

We are using the same tank, and just bought a canvas dropcloth for a cover.  We stretch it tight over the rim and over the central standpipe/solids-lifting-overflow Tee fitting, which sticks out of the water a little, and we clip the canvas to the rim of the tank with good quality pinch clips.  So far it is staying tight and out of the water but we will see how it holds up over time, and if it blocks enough light.  Has anyone here tried this for a fish tank cover before?

Sounds like a good method.


You might be able to use rope, a strap or bungies or a combination around the edge of the cloth under the rim of the tank if the clips don't hold it down well enough.

Wow! Thanks for the great feedback!  I really appreciate it!

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