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System is 1 year old and need to find out the best way to clean up bottom of rafts

I have 2 separate systems and moved my fish from 1 tank to the other, so I have double of what I should have in 1 tank.  They are doing okay but I need to get them back as soon as possible.

I have a new swirl filter on the system I am cleaning along with media beds that are being used for growing and filtering. I have worms in my beds but could use more.

I want to remove the solids that have built up in the bottom of my rafts. There is decomposed brown matter in the raft bottoms and when I grow lettuce or anything with a lot of roots I have that matter in the roots and the roots are not as white as they should be.

What can I purchase to vacuum up the solids and keep the water in the system? I am thinking that I should keep the water in the system so I can keep as much of the good bacteria I can in it.

After I clean this up I will make sure my system cycles before I put back my fish.

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I started to move fish back and it is going good. In the process I realized that my fish tanks need cleaning as well. I have square tanks and my corners get full of crud.

Anyone have a good vacuum that works really good?

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