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I am an Avid DIYer,looking to add two 4''x4'cut poly sections from caged tank 1'deep

to my pond system additional pix on my page .I would love to have experienced users

to tell me what they would do to add to my pond system ,type or types and how they

would plumb and to where directly ,to pond or to 300 gal bio tank ,more details on my

page .So many options and system types .750 gal ponds total 350 gal of filteration ,

sand and gravel 55 ,295 gal. bio.  trickle areation and cooling ,trickle tower at exhaust

of bio and SG.prior to final spillway aeration and final filteration .auto bottom sweeps

separate sump feed venturi lines to filters ,gravity return to waterfalls. Overkill to be

sure ,but sure works well and water clarity is very good  ,any input would be apreciated.


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