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hey everyone,

so i have a problem that i know gravity can solve but its kind of difficult to achieve.

I have a DWC raft system with a biofilter. i purchased 3 pumps of the same caliber. my grow bed is even with my water tank because the tank is on a pedestal thing. now the pumps are not flowing at the same rate. which will eventually result in an overflow.

now i have an overflow on the tank, but not on the glass tank. has anyone else had this problem or know some innovative solution besides putting the tank on the ground?

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There is always danger of problems if you are expecting three pumps to keep up with each other because the smallest bit of debris (leaves plant roots) could clog one pump and the other pumps have no way of knowing.  Also any slight height or head differences or pipe size or length differences could affect the flows from the pumps differently so it's kinda a tall order to expect three pumps to always operate at exactly the same flow rate all the time.

I would say adjust the system so that you can use a single pump only.

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