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I'm building a small DWC system, and am trying to decide what kind of filter to use for solids removal.

Is a swirl filter better, or should I use one of those filters with a sheet running through the middle the the water has to go under.

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Hey Guys,

I do have a baby to think about, but things with the induction are going so slowly we've got nothing but time, it seems.  

@Larry - that's quite an animal you've got there.  I would have loved to see him compete.  

No relation to Larry Robinson, I'm afraid.  

I'm a huge fan of moving water (i.e. waterfalls).  Both the sound and the way they reflect light.  I can spend all day next to one.  I've long wanted to find a way to use one in my garden, but haven't found the time or energy to make it happen.

I love those Lakota stories!  They understood so much better than we do what it is to be in partnership with land and animals (notice I didn't use the term our).  It is so hard to be the good wolf sometimes.  American pop culture and our fear-based news seem desperate to call out the bad wolf.  It's easier to make money off the bad wolf.

My wife's family is part Cherokee.  The Lakota and the Cherokee were related.  They were also two of the least violent societies ever to exist.  One tradition that they both shared which Sara and I are going to carry on is passing names down through the women. For some reason, societies around the world which had this custom fought many fewer wars and had less division between rich and poor.

@ Jim.  I think you might not realize how deep the peace thing goes with me.  I'm Mennonite, which means I'm part of a 600 year long tradition of turning your cheek and doing good to those who harm you.  We've been through much worse than is likely to happen on this continent, and not resorted to killing.  I think we can go a while longer   Most Mennonites are rural.  I just happen to be part of an urban community.  All guns can do is hurt my daughter's body and perhaps her mind.  Her soul is beyond their reach.

Also, thanks so much for the generous offer of refuge if trouble comes.  That means a lot, truly.  I'll remember the name Shady Valley.

jeremiah, I respect your position and admire someone who is so sure of there beliefs. that being said when I read your post 2 things came to mind and I had to write them down to tease a little .......not trying to change your mind or any insult intended btw.....just a little ribbing

first thing I thought of was an old john wayne movie "angel and the bad man" where the girl ( quaker/ "friends") is telling johns character there beliefs on violence........spelling out that guns can hurt the body but not the soul....ect that the only person someone can hurt is themselves....john asks her if somebody poked her in the eye wouldn't that hurt and she said.....well physically yes but the real damage would be to the soul of the person doing the hitting.......john asks her if there are many "friends" like her (quaker) and she says well actually no.........john says,, I sorta figured

I was also reminded of another story.....

a devout religious man was sitting on the roof of his house during a bad storm and eminent flood.......a truck comes by and the driver tells the man to get in.......the man says no thanks god will save me........awhile later, the first story of the house flooded, a boat comes by and the driver says get says no thanks god will save me.......awhile later, water past the second story and starting up on the roof,  a helicopter comes by and the pilot says to the man, get says no thanks god will save me.......awhile later the water engulfs the house and the man drowns.....standing before god he asks the question " I showed everyone who came by my faith in you, why didn't you save me" god says " I sent you a truck, a boat, and a helicopter"

sometimes you just got to be able see when you have been given the tools to help yourself.....and remember the wolf story??? both wolves killed, it was the motives for the killing that made the difference.

Thanks Larry.  I respect your opinions too.

I think you're right in what you say.  I really like those illustrations you give.  The truth is that, apart from faith, there's no way that I'd make the choices I do.  It just isn't practical.  In the early days of Christianity (before Constantine), it was well-understood that we shouldn't use violence.  Mennonites have basically just carried on that understanding.

I've actually seen that movie (my uncle's into John Wayne).  If you remember, John Wayne was converted to her point of view by the end   There are more of us than you think.

I agree with the second part of your critique except for the fact that Jesus specifically said in a number of different ways that we should not solve our problems with violence.  He didn't say, however, "thou shall not get on boats."  If my house floods and a boat comes I'm gone.  

One way of putting it is that I'm willing to die for my faith, my country, my family, etc...  But I'm not willing to kill for them.

lol.....I was gonna come back and tell ya even john wayne converted in the end .......we have quite a few Mennonites and amish around here, and I  always admired there way of life. its............quiet.

btw I was gonna take pics today of where the greenhouse is going to be built.......cistern, brick room, cellar, ect ect..

but we had a monster storm last night and I spent most of the day in the garden fixing the damage. building A frame trellis for 120 tomato plants and tying them ect ect. (ok so that part was overdue I just hadn't got to it yet lol)

I will take some in the next few days and maybe see if you guys can think of any improvements to my design ideas

Larry, you are so bad

I get the impression that Jere has heard it all before and I am sure he has. I almost told that same story but opted out. I love a person of conviction who lives their beliefs and I would die to have Lakota or Cherokee in my blood line. I have great respect and sadness for the way of life that was here before the "invasion" of greed. The Vikings were here long before and seemed to fit in far better than the brutal Spanish and Brits. I almost married a beautiful girl that was Native American, Jewish and Russian. What a great combination. Still in touch 50 yrs later thanks to the internet.

Jeremiah, we also suffered thru a looonnng induction that turned into a C section in the end. We are all praying for you.

Thanks Jim.  We're going on day 3 now.  These things are incredibly slow.  We had no idea.  

I don't mind the ribbing.  I get bored if nobody disagrees with me.

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