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My fish tank water is getting really really green!


is this bad or good?.... 

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Brandon, what do your water tests say?  Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH and temperature?  What is your filtration like?  If it's a flood and drain system, can you set the pump to cycle constantly for a while?

A partial water change is sometimes the only way to save the fish but water changes tend to set cycling back too.

i think my problem is pH as it is over 8 O_o what are the best natural ways to lower the pH?

Block out the light so the algae won't mess with the pH (causing diurnal swings.)

Tell us what your ammonia level is since high pH and temperature along with ammonia is toxic to fish.

Make sure there is plenty of aeration

and allow the system to finish cycling, pH will generally come down naturally.

If you do a water change due to ammonia or nitrite levels, you could adjust the pH of your top up water but lowering pH tends to be problematic if the water is really hard and bouncing the pH in a system is generally worse for the fish and bacteria than just letting it come down naturally.


Fish generally don't mind a high pH so long as it isn't causing ammonia to become toxic.

I would also throw some mats under the supplys to your media beds to keep the algae from plugging the beds. If you have a flood and drain going to a constant flood will help with the conversion till the spike lowers.

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