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I have a relatively new small indoor system.  I recently added some more fish to increase the nutrients, since what I had wasn't nearly enough.  For some reason all of my sugar snap peas suddenly dried up.  Mainly the half of the plant that was below the lights dried up, the half that grew above the lights was still alive, but stringy from lack of light.  My tomato plant that is in the same bed as the peas is doing a lot better after adding the additional fish to the system.  My bush beans in the same bed are starting to turn around, they showed signs of lack of nutrients but are looking better after adding the extra fish.

PH 6.8

Temperature 75-80 (it's been warm in Portland)

High output florescent lighting

40 gallon fish tank feeding two hydroton beds that are 2'x3'.

Ebb n flow, 15 mins flood, 15 mins empty, 16 hours a day, floods for 15 mins twice at night.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any input.


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what kind of feed are you using?

flakes will barely provide enough food for the goldfish (because people don't want waste in an aquarium), let alone the plants..


I am using flake food.  What kind of food would you recommend?

Thank you very much.

My thought as well. 75 - 80 degrees seems too warm for Sugar Snap peas.

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