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I was wonder has anyone tried growing sugar cane or believe sugar cane can be grown using aquaponics?

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I don't see why it can't be grown in aquaponics, but since it's an unusual  crop, for most of us, to grow; I would research hat conditions are needed, eg: oxygen. One way to cut down on research is to translate soil to hydroponics, eg: less water= less of a flood or, more air pumps. Test it out and good luck.
Only roadblock you would have to figure out is how to support it once it gets big.

Might be challenging to deal with the stubble after you harvest.  Don't they burn the residues in the fields after harvest normally?


I've never grown any so I don't really know what the plants are like.  I've heard they do a rotation between sugar cane and rice here in FL, mainly to reduce the pests by drowning them while growing the rice.

I'm sure it will work, but it is a thirsty plant is it not?  I have a large passion fruit vine in my system and I lost so much water in the summer daily that I started looking for a leak.  Are you considering a mono-crop? Over here, it gets very tall and I assume it is the same all over the world, making it a potential light issue for you too.  The moment you have something that big somewhere in your set-up you really have to plan your set-up carefully in relation to light availability.

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