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  Two of my gold fish died with no reason behind it...  PH is at 7.4, amonia 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 0.  Any suggestions?  BTW, my system has been up for about two months, although the two fished that died have only been in the system for about a week and a half.

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Temperature? Where did you buy them and how many did you buy at one time?  How many gallons is your tank and how many fish are in there? (these are questions other people are gonna ask you to assess your situation better)

Are these normal .13 cent goldfish or those pretty, flowing-fin goldfish?

I purchased about 20 goldfish at one time and eventually ended up with 14 living strong and my tank was balanced at the time.  6 of them died within the first two weeks.  A lot of people on different blogs say that sometimes if you get a batch of fish they may have internal diseases or other genetic problems that you can't do anything about.  If you don't see ick and they aren't turning black (from ammonia burns) then that could just be it.  Those petsmart stores usually end up with inbreeding problems and the fish they have a ton of (like goldfish and mollies) sometimes have those inbred genetic problems and unfortunately live shorter lives.   

Temp stays around 70ish, bought 5 at the time, one got sucked into the pump, one committed suicide by jumping out of the tank, and two died by "sudden death syndrome".  my tanks are two 18 gallons connected by a 3" uniseal.  After the death of the two most recent fish, there are currently 3 left.  They are the cheap .20 cent fish.

and it does sound like maybe that is the reason for the deaths...  the internal diseases.  They all looked normal on the outside.

Maaaan talk about bad luck.  When it comes to goldfish I always buy extra because I expect half of them to die.  Unfortunately I'm stuck with 13 cause I bought 20 expecting more of them to die.  Now I'm busy throwing together old house supplies and broken fridges to get something going for them (now that I have my tilapia, my goldfish are like unwanted stepchildren hanging out in an old bucket)  Ah well....good luck!!


  I'm a dumb dum....  so I read over the test kit instructions (after another fish died and one more tried to commit suicide by jumping out of the tank) and realized that i was doing the nitrates test wrong.  I don't have 0 nitrates like I thought that I did. I actually have like 120!!!!  What should I do?  Should I change out like half of my water or just stop feeding the fish for like 2 days?

As long as your ammonia and nitrite are both near 0, I wouldn't worry too much about 120 nitrates (if it is actually only 120, since I think the test doesn't really go much higher I suppose it's possible you might have sky high nitrates, you can test for this by diluting a sample of your system water with a measured amount of distilled water and running the test again and doing the math to figure out what your nitrates actually are.)  You just need more plants and back off feeding a bit.

My goldfish always jump out if I leave their tank open for them.  Right now they are waiting in one of those party coolers and if I leave the top off they will totally jump out.  I have to prop it open.  How far is your water level from the opening?  Maybe just cover the top....

That doesn't answer the question of the other one that died in the tank though....

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