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Hi there, Looking to size a climate battery / SHCS (subterranean heating and cooling system) but noticed that the calculator from Sunny John has gone missing (numsum no longer exists).

Does anyone have a copy? Or another sizing tool? Thanks!

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Hi Jeremiah,

I am researching information to build an attached 12x24 greenhouse in Montreal, especially about passive solar heating system. I do not see any answer to your question about finding a copy of the Sunny John calculator for the climate battery/SHCS. Were you nonetheless able to find where one might get help to design the system? I was at the Aquaponic Fest last week in Denver and was able to talk with Robbie Vinson that has put one in place and that was very helpful but it would be great to be able to get a plan to avoid costly mistakes.

Looking forward to hearing from you or from anyone with information on the subject!


Hi Pierre,

I wasn't building one for myself, but for a client.  I read a bunch of studies and made some general recommendations.  I'm hoping to develop a calculator myself, actually.  Maybe this winter.  If you check my blog every so often you'll see when I post it.

Thanks Jeremiah for the quick answer!  I will keep an eye on your blog for sure!

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