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I am newer to aquaponics and am slowly learning more and more as I go here. I happen to have $35 in gift card money for Sears right now and I need to spend it before the year is up. I found these submersible pumps on there and am wondering are these something I could use for an aquaponics setup? Just want to spend my money on something I might use. This is the page in I am looking at...LOL not trying to promote sears at all, just wanted to see if any of these would be useful. Thanks everyone. The ponics pumps are what I am talking about.

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Oh I forgot to mention I am talking a small indoors set up that will be sitting by the back sliding glass door. So nothing big....Thanks again.

Yep that is the kind of pump you can use, you will just have to decide how big a system you want (how big is your fish tank is) and size the pump accordingly.  Those are a bit more expensive than you will find on amazon... but hey, free money! Check out Eco Pumps on amazon for a comparison.

Thank you Jonathan!

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