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Hello all,

this might seem a bit odd or kiddish, but I recently built a small media based system. It had each of the following characteristics:

a Ph of about 7.2

a gravel based media

an above ground irrigation system (constant flow)

a water temperature of about 18-22 C

it is an indoor system

it ran on fluroscent lights

it had a 14 hour light cycle

Within a few days of installation, the strawberry plants flourished. They flowered without stopping , and I started artificially pollinating them. They produced many small fruit that seemed extremely healthy. However, I could not help but notice that the crowns seemed a bit rose-ish. Nonetheless, I ignored the pink color and started admiring those wonderfull fruits turning red.

On one night while examining the fruit, i couldn't help but notice the terrible smell of rotting fruit. As I examined the plant more thoroughly, I found out that the crown was turning brown and seemingly rotting, I knew that water at 80 C would destroy any nematoda diseases. so I poured boiled water onto the plants hoping it would save them. Unfortunately, the plants all died slowly.

All I want to know is what happened so that I may avoid these mistakes in my second attempt,

thatnk you

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