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Has anyone had a problem with stinky water? Like S T I N K Y.


The gravel grow bed is forming string algae and where the water contacts from the outflow it is growing a black like moss. The plants look fine, Corn, Zuccini, water melon. 

Water temp is 84*F during the 105* days we are having here with a slight green tinge to it. I will test the water tomorrow and get back. It has that lake smell but like an old rotting stinking fishing dock. there are apporx 35'ish Tilapia in a 275 gallon tank. 

any Ideas what I need to look into?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Increased the Drain (return water) to 1 1/2", increased pump to a 700gph 1/6 horse sump pump from Lowes. Measured water rate out of the return to the tank is 300gph. Much Better. Also Drained water to get rid of the putrid stuff and everything is Soooo much better. Increasing Gravel depth too.

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