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Please, All I am asking is for you to just look, and read about what it is I am trying to do.

It has everything to do with what we like to discuss here and it will provide me, and hopefully others with a source of income. So, thanks in advance for the time you spend reading and for any referrals. any ideas that may help me in getting to the next step, and or any information is greatly appreciated!

Thank you

Ken Elrich

My personal Facebook page:  

Fundraising campaign.

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No details on the indiegogo site? are we supposed to look at something?

Sorry about that Daniel, I appreciate that you tried to view it. I consulted with a real estate professional and he advised I go a different route concerning the land and building. It would save me about $180,000 in the short term and gives me a better chance at starting a successful  business. 

Thanks again.

Sure - wishing you success on your new venture.

Thank you, I guess I have to go about it a little different.

Ok, I have found a crowdfunding site, I submitted an idea for aquaponics

I created a facebook for my business:


Please good to my business grant request page and vote for my business Idea so I can get a grant to help fund the project. Go here to read about it and vote. Thank you!!!

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