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The stainless Steal Is Food Grade That Has Be Use in a Food Plant And  Are Cheap !!!  I Am Working     On My Green House What Type Of OF Roof Sound I Use  A Were Can I Get It That Cheap And Last Long Time My Frame Is A Car Port THat sell For 600 Dollars Thank uall


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do a search for growers supply they have all sorts of greenhouse coverings.  Then compare with what you can get locally to figure out what the best deal with be once you figure in shipping/taxes.


Hi Leon,


One would expect 'stainless steal' to be non corrosive.  Under water with bacterial action however, it does corrode.  You can test this by leaving some stainless forks and spoons in dirty dish water for a couple months.  You will see small black pits in the metal. 




I Did not Think about That   Thank you

over on byap I think there was some one who used a stainless steel milk pasteurization vat for aquaponics once.  I wonder how that went for them.
We used old stainless steel tanks at our farm but as Homefire has already stated, they do corrode over time.  We switched to fiberglass for our flow through tanks and PVC liner for our recirculating tanks.  Good luck and I wish you the best!

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