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Hello everyone,


I'm wondering how you all sow directly into hydroton. I'm about to transplant some cucumber and peppers this afternoon, and thought I would try sowing a few bean seeds into the hydroton. A few questions came to mind:


From what I understand people just sprinkle them in, but how do they get moisture this way?

They shouldn't reach the water level correct?

Should I support the seeds at all?


A little guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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for large seeds like beans, I would dig down just till you see the flood level or moist level of Hydroton and place the seeds there with the hydroton over them.  For smaller seeds most of us just sprinkle and figure enough of them will fall down between the media to the moist level.  If you want to make sure the seeds will get enough moisture and won't move with the water you can use a bit of paper towel or something else absorbent to wick moisture from the flood level up to the seed and place the seed on the bit of paper towel but I would only bother with this if it is a costly type of seed and you want to make sure it has the best chance to germinate.

I used grow cubes (gordon to be exact) to support my lettuce seeds. Half of the grow cube is hit by the water when the bed floods which keeps the cubes nice and moist.

I really only sow direct.  I have never not had good luck with it.

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