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◾New Here - Brand New to Aquaponics.

 I am in Southern Illinois close to Kentucky and Indiana. Is there anyone in this area doing this?

I have Built my planting boxes for my plants, 8 ft x 3 ft x 1 ft and 7 ft x 2 ft x 1 ft to put the gravel in. I have got my plants started in planting soil. Then got an old old hot tub to put the fish in - about 250 gallons.

◾What are the best fish to use here in Southern Illinois?

Is there a Supplier close by?

Do you have to get Illinois State Permits?

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Bob, welcome to aquaponics from Southeast Missouri. I do not know the Illinios permitting laws. I use tilapia and they grow like wildfire but need supplemental heat in the winter, and a hot tub just might be the perfect thing. At least it would be insulated to help hold in heat. I have learned lots from this forum but just doing it has taught me more. Good luck.

According to the information from this link:

  " A permit is required to raise tilapia in Illinois. The permit costs 50 dollars and requires an inspection of your facility prior to approval. Contact Blake Ruebush at the State of Illinois Department of Natural Resources at 217-558-4743 or email him at "

In my opinion, a non-invasive, and native species to your climate should be considered.

Good luck, I hope this helps.

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